Tightening Amber Globe Cut Silver Tasseled Tasbih

Tightening Amber Globe Cut Silver Tasseled Tasbih Rosary
Tightening Amber Globe Cut Silver Tasbih Tasbih Features

  • Full Length: 27 cm
  • Tassel Length: 9 cm
  • Length up to Imam: 18 cm
  • Grain Size: 8 mm
On the Known Benefits of Amber

It is known to relieve migraine in particular. Many modern medical doctors did not go without mentioning the Amber Stone in addition to their prescriptions. Amber Stone releases a sensible energy. It is effective in stress management in terms of pushing bad energies as well as neurological problems. Carrying in the left hand is recommended. It is believed that this way, it will adapt to the body's temperature more quickly. It is also thought that these pains will be alleviated if Amber Stone is placed on the aching parts of the body. People who have experienced many joint pain and migraine attacks have now made the Amber Stone an indispensable part of their daily life, as well as the treatment process.

What is Spin Amber?

Spin amber is a resin made with amber powder and various chemicals. Contrary to popular belief, it does not contain plastic, ie petrochemical products. Squeezed amber is considered a special material due to the complexity of its construction process. Squeezed amber is a synthesis stone formed as a result of the interaction of amber stone with other stones. We present Squeezed Amber, which is indispensable for men with its velvet-like texture and ease of use, with different designs.
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